Program Specialist

All Positions are Filled at this Time for 2024

Specialists are expected to engage in the same camp magic that counselors do while providing a specialized program in one location at camp.  Specialists are often experts or have special interest in the area they “teach.” They plan weekly activities, sometimes based on our awesome themed weeks, and teach all our campers. Specialists must be at least 16 years old. Check out our specialty areas and let us know your passion! 

First Aid Provider – Do you feel most at home when you’re fixing ‘boo-boos’?

Candidates with LVN, RN, and/or Standard/Advanced First Aid and CPR (child and adult) certificates are encouraged.  Will be responsible for camp wide first aid application, accurate treatment records, and maintenance of inventory of all supplies and records.

Animated, energetic individual preferred. Ability to create and lead new dances and/or creative movement for children ages 5-13 each week.

Experience or interest in dramatic arts preferred. Must design and teach theatre programming for ages 5-13.

Training in martial arts preferred.  Low to no contact discipline preferred. Must be able to design programming and safely instruct children ages 5-13 years old in basic Martial Arts.

Experience with music/musical instruments preferred. Must be able to create and implement music programming for children ages 5-13.

Must be willing and able to pass Archery Certification class that camp will provide. Must know, follow, and teach safety regulations to children ages 8-13 in a group setting. Children 7 and under will come to the range for marksmanship activities including Nerf equipment.

Experience working with art media preferred (painting, drawing, clay, tie-dying, paper mache, lanyards, crafts, etc.) Must be able to design and implement arts and crafts programming for children 5-13 and maintain camp crafts supplies.

Working knowledge of small engine basic maintenance and upkeep preferred. Ability to maintain safety guidelines with the go-carts, track, and all safety equipment

Must be able to design and implement STEM projects, crafts, and games teaching about integrated science, technology, engineering & math concepts for children 5-13 years old.

Interest in environmental science/nature preferred. Must be able to design and implement a nature program comprised of creative projects, crafts, and games teaching about environments, habitats, ecology, and other integrated science concepts for children 5-13 years old.

Camp James is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and selects the best matched individuals for each job. Employment and program policies of Camp James are nondiscriminatory in regard to race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or sexual orientation.