Ages & Grouping

For Children Ages 5 - 13

Ages & Grouping

Campers ages 5-13 can attend camp. Campers are grouped according to age and are coed. You will see in the registration process the groups have animal names like Lions, and Tigers and Bears OH MY! Each group will have a great counselor and will do the same awesome activities only at different times in the day. It truly does not matter which group you choose. If you find it difficult to find a spot, please reach out to the office and we can help you with navigating the available options (if we still have openings).

Teen Program If you have a high school student, we have an engaging Camper in Leadership Program that is highly recommended. Experiences such as this can create lifelong friendships, increase self confidence, cultivate leadership potential and help develop your college resume. See the “Join Our Team” section on our home page for more information about this program opportunity.


New Amazing Friendships

Flying Solo or Grouping with Friends?

The majority of children that attend camp come without built-in buddies from school. We know this and plan for it by starting every day with group time which includes ice breakers and get-to-know-you games. We also use the buddy system for all ages and love children who are open to meeting the entire group, as opposed to just sticking with their built-in buddy. Many campers come back year after year to see their “new” camp friends that they would never have met without camp since they don’t live by each other, go to the same school, or play on the same athletic team. We feel this is one of the greatest benefits of camp: new friendships.
For some children, camp is about going with your best friend as school often leaves little time for actual playing with peers. We love families spreading the word about Camp James and getting their friends to try out camp. We do, however, recommend that you limit the number of built-in buddies within any given group and or day to just a couple. We find that large groups of friends often end up having more issues with each other as well as have fewer opportunities to interact with potential new friends. Have a lot of friends who want to come to camp? Spread them out throughout the summer to truly allow them to connect on a more individual level with your child one at a time. Have a whole class or team that wants to come? Consider spreading them out between two or three groups as opposed to filling one whole group. We appreciate your understanding that we have a maximum number of children permitted in each group and will not exceed the ratio we have promised our families.