Lunch Menu

Lunch & Menu Details

Campers are welcome to bring their lunch from home or you may purchase an optional hot lunch from camp. You can purchase lunch during the registration process or online up until 11:00 p.m. the night before.

We strive for a NUT-FREE environment and appreciate parents not sending products with nuts.

* Our hot lunches are provided by local restaurants.

For children with dietary restrictions and or allergies, we recommend parents pack their lunch as opposed to buying as the vendors are not nut-free. We cannot offer any lunch variation or special dietary requests to this menu, please plan accordingly.

All campers will be provided a cold drink at lunch and water is always available.

Cost: $9.50 if purchased in advance online. Aside from the main entree, each lunch comes with fruit or vegetables, a side dish, a drink, and a dessert.


Slice of Cheese Pizza
(The Pizza Bakery)


House Special Chicken w/white rice
(Pick Up Stix)


Chicken Quesadilla w/side of rice
(Tacos & Co.)


Pasta with Meatballs
(The Pizza Bakery)


Orange Chicken w/white rice
(Pick Up Stix)

* The Peanut Gallery: for campers that come to camp with a nut product, we will have them eat their food at designated Peanut Gallery tables with other campers who may have accidentally brought nuts to camp as well. Campers with nut allergies get to remain at the group table.

* All campers, whether they bring or buy lunch, will be provided with a drink. Note: Third-party meal deliveries are strongly discouraged as the drivers get lost, the meal may be lost, stolen, or eaten by a seagull (true story) and your child may get hangry and sad waiting.