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Tips to Get Your Camper Ready for Camp

Is your child new to summer camp? New to this summer camp? Do they need help with transitions? Don’t we all! Here are a few helpful tips to get them ready for a summer at Camp James and make the transition as smooth as possible!

1) Label your child’s belongings, be sure to put your child’s first name on the items along with the group name. Putting the group name on it will help us return it to the counselor of that group.

2) Sunscreen your child before you get to camp, and our staff will help facilitate and remind campers to re-apply. Spray sunscreen works very well for quick coverage, and a sunscreen stick is super helpful for application to the face.

3) Teach your child to use their “sock lockers” (also known as shoes) so that when they remove their shoes, the socks go in their little “sock lockers” and you might have better luck bringing the socks home at the end of the day.

4) Have your child pack their own back pack even if they are younger. This allows them to have practice with self reliance, and know what their towel looks like, what kind of sunscreen they have, get their refillable water bottle filled, and if they have a change of clothes what those looks like. It becomes a good teaching moment of learning to take care of their own belongings.

5) Leave the cell phone at home. Summer camp is a time to actually connect with others in real time. Cell phones are a distraction from the fun, can get sandy and lost in the lagoon, and will be confiscated if seen by a staff member. If a camper expresses a need to call home, they can come to the office and use the camp phone.

6) Speaking of connecting, your child’s counselor is here for your child. Take time to share your hopes and goals with your child’s counselor. Communication is a vital part of what they do at camp. They want your child to have a magical summer be sure to let them know your concerns, positive thoughts, and ask them questions.

7) Allow your child to peruse our website and look at some of the pictures. It will get them familiar with the activities they might get to participate.

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