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Typical Daily Schedule – What will my child be doing all day?

Interested to see what your child will be doing all day long? Look no further! Here’s a look at a typical camp schedule for a camper at Camp James.  


9:00 am        AM Daycare Ends – AM Supervision Points/Morning Recess Time Begins

9:45 am        Group Time* at Lunch Area

10:00 am      First Activity

10:50 am      Travel time including bathroom break, hydration & sunscreen

11:00 am      Second Activity

12:00 pm     Camp-Wide Round Up** led by Group of the Day

12:30 pm     Lunch –  every camper drinks water and eats!

1:00 pm       Lunch Circus*** by Specialists & CILTs

1:30 pm        Third Activity

2:20 pm       Travel time including bathroom break, hydration & sunscreen

2:30 pm        Fourth Activity

3:30 pm        Popsicles & Reflection Time

3:45 pm        Camp Jam – fun games at your table/section

4:00pm         PM Supervision Points/Afternoon Recess in Age Zones and Pick Up

4:30 pm        Regular camp ends – PM Daycare begins

* Group Time is a special time in the morning in which campers and their counselor get to know one another and talk through rules and the day. They, also, typically have time for a game and/or song.

** Camp-Wide Round-Up is when the entire camp comes together for the Pledge Allegiance, stretches, songs, dances and skits.  In competition weeks we will sometimes host large style competitions during this time.

*** Lunch Circus is a recess style play time.  Staff members host specific activities that the campers are able to go to freely based on their specific age areas.  Some of the activities we have hosted in the past have been large card/board games, hula hoop/limbo competitions,  lanyards, gaga, mini golf, rockwall, laser tag, and more.  Typically our 4-5 year olds have some relaxing time inside at this time to help them get ready for the rest of the day.


If you need/want to extend your days at camp:

AM Day Care is available 7:30 – 9 AM for additional fee of $5 per day, per child.

PM DayCare is available 4:30-6:00 PM for additional fee of $5 per day, per child.

This can be purchased on the day of as needed, or in advance online on your account.

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