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This blog is about random things that come to my mind (movies, places to go, trends, products, factoids, and  quite possibly “Things that make you go… hmmm.”)

I realize it is a bit late to post this, but since the Golden Globes just happened and the Oscars are upon us here are my thoughts about a terrific movie that is still playing out there.

“Frozen”  – If you have not made it to this animated film, you must go!  It has amazing music and the storyline is just absolutely charming.  It has surprising twists, makes you laugh, and can just possibly bring a tear to your eye.   Some of the cast include Broadway greats Idina Menzel (Wicked Diva from Broadway), Josh Gad (Book of Morman) and Alan Tudyk (the blonde crazy guy from A Knight’s Tale among others).  The soundtrack is perfection and destined to be cherished for years to come.  This movie is a delight for kids and parents without being rude or crude like many movies made for kids these days.

By the way we are taking camp registrations right now.  It is a very exciting time for us as we get to meet and interview our returning staff and hear what they are up to in school, work and life.  I can’t be more proud of our team and their many talents, skills, and pursuits.  We are introducing STEM activities to camp this year and so far our staff has come up with some very creative activities that kids are going to love (and maybe learn a bit along the way).

Speaking of which, do you know what Google, Pixar, Zappos, and Camp James have in common?  Those  companies know what we at camp have been doing for decades.  All of those hugely successful companies have pool tables, basketball, games (chess, Battleship, Uno) and ping pong.   Studies show that creativity and great ideas flow when people are at play.  Connections are made more meaningful when people engage in healthy play habits.

I have to sign off now, I am about to challenge Mama Llama to a strategic game of Kerplunk!

Grey Squirrel

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